The kitchen of any home serves a variety of functions, from being a utilitarian space for making home-cooked meals to being a gathering area for family and friends. While every kitchen space needs to be fully functional, you also want it to be a show-stopping statement piece in your home, and one of the best ways to do that is to stay on-top of the changing trends within the remodeling industry!

Like any trend, the styles that are most popular for kitchens ebb and flow, and 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for high-tech upgrades and stunning, stylish components.

To give you a head start in planning out your dream kitchen remodel, we’ve put together the following guide broken down by category that covers the most important kitchen trends in 2018:


Kitchen cabinets are at the top of the list when it comes to updating the look, feel, and functionality of the space, and there are some innovative new trends on the horizon for making the most of your kitchen’s cabinets. With a focus on maximizing storage and throwing a pop of color into a modern design scheme, these trends offer a unique approach to mixing the best in both form and function.


Everyone can use more workable space in their kitchen, and there’s no better way to increase usable surface area than with a kitchen island! Serving as both a countertop for prepping and as additional storage for your kitchen tools, multipurpose islands are a popular trend for any modern kitchen. If you really want to make an impact, consider choosing an island in a bold, complementary color that stands out from your other cabinets!


Nobody likes cluttered countertops and overflowing cabinets in their kitchens, and getting creative with the storage capabilities of this space is a driving force of the 2018 trends. Features such as appliance garages can keep your toaster, coffeepot, and other small appliances out of sight, while drawer dividers, pull-out cabinets and hidden trash receptacles all help to streamline the look and feel of the heart of your family’s home.


Over the last several years, grey and white have been the most popular color schemes for modern kitchens. While these colors look like they are here to stay, there is a growing trend towards throwing in bold, beautiful, and colorful accents to brighten up the look of any-size kitchen. To get your feet wet with adding a pop of color, consider installing two-tone cabinets as an easy way to mix-up the look of a monochromatic area.


Industrial-looking kitchens have slowly made their way into the mainstream, and it doesn’t appear that this will fade out any time soon. Open cabinets and shelving are on-trend to remain popular throughout 2018, and these options add a strong stylistic element, while also serving to open up a small room and provide easy access to your necessary kitchen supplies.


The new year is about out with the old and in with the new, and that is where the trends are leading when it comes to the colors highlighting kitchens across the country. Used strategically in combination with classic whites and greys, these bold, jewel-tone colors are an innovative way to create a cozy atmosphere and make your kitchen stand out from other rooms of your home.


When it comes to color, deep plum and vibrant blues are all the rage heading into 2018, which is a steep divergence from the “greige” look that has become so popular over the last decade! This exciting trend is showing up in everything from accent walls and backsplashes to appliances and kitchen islands, allowing even the most modern, industrial kitchen to have an extra touch of fun and elegance.


We aren’t talking about stainless steel when saying that metallic elements are making a comeback in the kitchen! Instead, vintage pieces and copper features are quickly climbing the most-popular trend list. Upgrading your range hood with a unique, copper feature is a great way to incorporate this trend into your space, as well as adding metallic backsplashes and shiny, brass hardware.


The overall design of your kitchen comes down to personal preference, but everyone is looking for beauty, durability, and easy maintenance when it comes to this heavily trafficked area. As 2018 begins, the flooring and layout of home kitchens are seeing the biggest changes with up-and-coming trends, and the focus continues to be on streamlined functionality.


Historically, hardwood flooring has been at the top of most-popular kitchen floor options, but ceramic tile is quickly giving it a run for its money! Modern-day ceramic flooring is designed to be exceptionally versatile, and you can now find this option in woodgrain textures, a wide range of sizes, and unique patterns, colors, and finishes.


The layout of your kitchen plays the biggest role in how well this space meets the needs of your family, and long-gone are the days of cluttered designs and over-the-top styling. Instead, the latest trends continue to focus on open-space layouts and intuitive design elements that help even the smallest kitchen spaces feel open, airy, and exceptionally modern.


The countertops and backsplashes in your kitchen see a lot of heavy use, spills, stains, and wear and tear, so having durable products installed in your home is a top priority. While strength and function are still the biggest considerations with these kitchen features, they are now also becoming one of the most important ways to make a big impact on style.


A custom, quirky, and unique backsplash is one of the most on-trend ways to update a kitchen, and personalized tiles are an innovative option to truly get a one-of-a-kind space. With help from technology, homeowners can create their own tile patterns filled with vibrant colors and designs! Not interested in starting from scratch with your backsplash? Pick out tiles that are complementary, bold, and an unexpected shape to keep your kitchen trendy.


It wasn’t too long ago that any top-notch kitchen remodel splurged on granite countertops, but today, quartz is king. With lower maintenance requirements than granite—and a lower price tag—quartz counters are highly durable and come in a wide range of beautiful style, pattern, and color options. Like other 2018 trends, the most popular quartz counters feature an organic appearance and clean, streamlined style.


Even the most gorgeous kitchen can’t function without appliances, but that doesn’t mean that just any-style appliance will do for a modern kitchen in 2018! This category has seen some of the biggest jumps in new and exciting trends, and a focus on smart technology continues to influence how we choose new appliances for the kitchen.


Pops of jewel-tone and vibrant color is a recurring theme for 2018 kitchen trends, and appliances are no exception. Instead of the traditional, stainless-steel appliances that saw years of incredible popularity, homeowners are now looking towards unique, stand-out products that offer style to the space. When updating your kitchen, expect to see everything from brilliant blue and plum ovens to streamlined profiles and sophisticated, black color palettes.


Commercial ranges are still popular in modern households, but there is a slow and steady trend towards replacing these large, cumbersome appliances with features that take up less space. Induction cooktops coupled with separate wall ovens are growing in popularity, but you do need to consider the additional cost typically involved with replacing your traditional range with a new and improved style.


Smart homes are becoming more commonplace than ever before, and many of the new kitchen appliances on the market today seem like something out of a science-fiction novel! Fortunately for us, it isn’t fantasy, and high-tech appliances are one of the largest trends in kitchen renovation. From steam ovens and blue-tooth controlled appliances to refrigerators that tell you when it’s time to shop for groceries, the sky is the limit with the smart-appliance trend.


When it comes to style trends in the kitchen, this year will bring bold highlights that complement the long-term appeal of industrial spaces and clean color palettes. The smart technology of the modern age continues to filter into the up-and-coming design trends of 2018, and we except to see these features continue to grow and expand as homeowners upgrade their kitchens for convenience, style, and ultimate luxury.

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